Being enclosed in a small space for hours and hours can beat up on your mental and physical health without forgetting your emotional and spiritual state of being

There are two things that can happen to you, either you go insane/give up/die or you survive/fight/live.


This is the time you wanna find new hobbies ,new recipes start that workout plan you always been thinking about. Because we all know 24 hours indoors is a long time ,Use it wisely sleep enough but not too much, watch your diet don’t balloon up after quarantine.


For my fellow athletes out there ,our lives been shut down but not our dreams and goals .We’re still hopeful things will get better so we have to get better too regardless of where we at . Plan your day ,workout ,there are so many workout plans for athletes, go through them.

Too much free time can be good or bad, we might get out of this better or worse.


Tomorrow ain’t promised you can either have the virus or you can survive the day, you Will either be alive or gone so live for today and Hope tomorrow will be better. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring but you can prepare for it by becoming vigilant and careful about your actions, take care of yourself and others actions have consequences.


With all that being said ,we shall beat the virus. We will survive

By Ariel Okall


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