Its not just bouncing a basketball ,

Its the lives you touch in the process,

The people you meet in your journey .

You might not remember all of them ,but

So many of them will remember you.


When you serve your purpose, when you finish your journey and its time to go home, take your wages and walk proudly home. The people you leave behind will carry on your legacy. You will look behind and your footprints will be so clear in the sand. You were here ,you lived you loved you played the game of basketball .


Don’t be afraid of being different, that’s the unique feature in your factory settings. It distinguishes you from the normal population, so when you tell yourself you special, in that dark corner of your room ,you ain’t lying to yourself, you really are special .So go out there and live ,leave a legacy so big and awesome that generations will talk about it for years to come .


Appreciate every moment of your life because there is no replay in this life, you only get one chance to do shit so do it right in your own way you are the boss of your life.


If the sun don’t rise tomorrow, if you don’t get to see the sun rise tomorrow, if you don’t see tomorrow ,let them say that ,that person was here he/she came ,saw ,conquered veni vidi vici.


Doctor Ariel,


By Ariel Okall


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