If you have had dreams of being the best of the best, this is for you. Every human is born and brought to this world to fulfill a purpose. There is a real reason why you are here .

For most of us we fail to realize our goals, and we normally end up living someone else’s dream. When you understand the reasons of your existence and the gifts that rest deep within you ,its your job to unlock them and create the greatest masterpiece out of yourself.


Mold yourself into a piece of art, love change and embrace who you are becoming. You will get tired it will happen along the way. Does it mean you give up? No , because monuments are built by tired men and women. Man up and grind.


Love who your becoming. And when I say love ,I mean love yourself unconditionally. This way you will invest in yourself. You will feed your mind with positive energy ,you will avoid negativity and distractions and you will understand your true worth.


Be in an environment that offers serenity to your mind and heart. Hangout with people with solid goals, ambitious individuals who share similar dreams with you, so that when you feel like quitting you will be having a squad to lift you and remind you the target.


Success will not happen in a day ,matter of fact it may never come. They say when you think you have achieved success progress stops. Strive for progress. Every single day make a step forward towards the end goal. Work smart ,consistently and work hard .Work while you wait. Patience is key, you are almost there and you have come too far to quit.


Love who you are becoming, mold that person and be positive all day everyday.

Stay ready ,hungry and motivated


Doctor Ariel Okall


By Ariel Okall


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