I miss you,

I miss holding you in my hands, and playing around with you. Shooting hoops and its a swish ,I miss the sound the net makes, how i normally yell “Kobe “ when its a bucket and the follow through identical to mamba’s.

I miss the hours i spend in practice getting better and crafting up, preparing for the next game. This is what i miss the most, the sweating ,wheezing and holding my knees at the point of exhaustion. At this point thoughts of quitting rush through my mind but i stay strong because i remember how bad I want it .


I miss dunking being on the open floor, on a fast break all alone ,feeling like am being chased by 1000 spartan warriors. Blocking shots and staring down at the opponent, a show of dominance. I miss the nights before a game ,the anxiety and pressure. Thinking about the game and meditating about it.


I miss being in the locker room acting goofy and joking around with the squad. Those moments when we are down and we are in there silent, trying to dig deep within our souls for inspiration. When we up and winning ,excited and we dancing ,yelling giving each other high fives . The best feeling in the world right there .


I miss the voices of fans going at each other. When you’re on the floor they cheer you on ,shouting your name and at this moment you understand that the stakes are higher than you had imagined. You realize you are playing for something bigger, not just winning but you making someone happy . You making memories for yourself and others.


I miss the game so much because its has been my life. I have made so many memories through this journey. I still have so much to give and learn as the the process goes on, but first we have to survive the pandemic and stay alive because the world still needs us. Until then,

Aluta continua


Doctor Ariel Okall


By Ariel Okall


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