The Offseason has always been about moves.

Many teams beef up their squads with pieces that will improve their teams and give them an advantage in chasing that elusive title.

We have followed up on some of the major moves that have been made this off-season. We have focused on teams that have made major moves, and definitely the top four teams. Let us know which team gained and which one lost in these offseason realignments.


Val kemunto

From a dominant season with UON dynamites, Kemunto is taking her talents to Zetech Sparks, adding a serious depth to their squad. She believes Zetech is a place of great opportunity, positive energy and great support system and the new season will enable her reach greater heights. The move came at the perfect time for her since sparks have assembled a solid squad this year. Kemunto is already feeling the pressure to perform at a high level, she has to prove that she made a great choice. Her secret is taking it a game at a time with her eyes set on the championship


Terry ekise

Photo courtesy: Erick Barasa

Long term guard at KU Oryx, Ekise has signed with Kenya Ports Authority. She says its a big step for her. KPA already has players who are equally skilled if not more, but Ekise is ready for the challenge. Her work ethic will work in her favor as she looks to improve her game, since there’s always room for improvement. KPA have signed a number of guards including Ekise’s teammate Diana Apiyo. She will rely on her powerful drives to the basket a great jump shot and confidence. She says she will stop at nothing to be the best of the best.


Diana Apiyo


Aka Boogie, is taking her talents to Kenya Ports Authority and joining her mate Terry Ekise. She is a super guard, with pace and great defense. She looks foward to playing alongside one of the best players in Kenya, Hilda Luvandwa, learning more from her new teammates and the tougher competition that comes with playing in the top league. Her main goal is to be able to feature at the FIBA Zone 5 tournament or even the Africa Club Championship. She feels zero pressure and believes this is an opportunity to learn, gain more experience and better her skill.


Delima Odindi

Photo courtesy: Hoops Mtaani

She has left the Thika Road side KCA university and is taking her talents to Shauri Moyo to join Sprite Storms under coach Abel Nson. Delima is looking forward to a learning opportunity and to play with the experienced players at her new club. She has sworn to mediocre performances.

She feels no pressure at all because this isn’t her first rodeo in the Women’s Premier League. It is a learning process where every step counts.

She is a player who loves to win no matter how hard the challenge and is ready to face whatever comes her way. Clearly a woman of great confidence.


Carol Njeri

Photo courtesy: Hoops Mtaani

Caroline Njeri is making a move from Africa Nazarene University to Riara University, a place she considers her first home. She is happy to get to play with her former teammates and a few new players. Riara Scarlets are coming into the new season looking to make some serious noise and compete against the big giants. Njeri is confident and has been leading by example in training. She has played in the Premier League and the Scarlets will be looking up to her for leadership. She believes that if everyone plays their roles efficiently, the playoffs will be their destination.


Julliet Omollo Amoke

Photo courtesy: Kisumu sports review

Aka Amoke Jnr , the JKUAT Lynx shooting guard is taking her talents to University of Nairobi Dynamites.

She is positive that she will fit in well and perform at a higher level. She has matched up against many Premier League players and believes she can handle the pressure that comes with it. She will definitely add depth to UON combining with Liz Okumu at the back court.


Debra Obunga

Photo courtesy:FIBA

After a stellar season with KPA and the National Team, Obunga said adios to the Mombasa side and returned to her former team Zetech Sparks. Her experience will serve as a great addition if the sparks want to be successful in the new season. Does she still have the spark to pull this off? We will be following closely.


Christine Akinyi


Photo courtesy:FIBA


The young upcoming biggie has also left KPA and joined Debra Obunga at Zetech Sparks. The energy will be crucial for the Sparks. She poses a serious threat given that she maintains her rebounding. We will be watching to see how she will work with Val Kemunto. They might just be the youngest and most lethal combo coming into the league.


Maryanne Nyagaki

Photo courtesy:Hoops Mtaani


Moving from Zetech to Equity Hawks, she is a solid forward with great energy. She is ready for the new challenge and is looking forward to the pressure that comes with playing for a big team and it feels good. Good luck Maryanne Nyagaki.


Magnifique Ndayikengurutse

Photo courtesy: Basketball254

Making the move to take her talents to Storms, Magnifique is coming off a season with the Footprints. The former USIU Flames guard will be a good addition to the club’s backcourt, adding some depth to their side. She is highly experienced and no stranger to the Premier League. She will deliver.


Stacey Ongwae

photo courtesy: Eldonets

Ongwae is taking her talents to the Riara Scarlets from Eldonets. She believes she made a perfect move and her main goal is to up her game, and become a better player with the help of coach Shem Omuta, who was also her highschool coach. She wants to achieve her dreams of becoming one of the greatest post players in kenya. Ongwae understands the challenge ahead and is waiting for it with open arms. The Eldoret based pivot will be travelling to Nairobi from Eldoret for a while before settling in the big city. She is looking forward to playing against KPA and Equity while also having a good rookie season. With no pressure at all Ongwae is jelling well with her mates and is positive that the Riara Scarlets will make a playoffs appearance in their debut season.


Doreen Jelagat


Also making the move from Strathmore to Riara, Doreen is taking this as an opportunity to further her studies. She is confident and believes this move will work out for the best. Does she feel a little bit of pressure to perform? Yes, but that will only bring out the best in her. Riara scarlets are definitely a team to keep an eye out for.


Celia Okumu

Photo courtesy: Hoops Mtaani

Okumu has made the move from Tangit Sparks and taken her talents to Zetech. Her experience and a solid basketball background will give Zetech an added advantage in the league. She has a great jump shot and great energy on the floor which Zetech really needs. Her twin Selina plays for KPA while her younger sister plays for the UON Dynamites. Fans around the league will be waiting for the Okumu sisters to match up against each other.


Jemimah Knight


Photo courtesy: standard

Moving from USIU Flames and taking her ball game to Equity Hawks. She relentlessly carried the Flames all of last season. She joins the bankers who possess a great back court. This adds serious depth to their squad. Her ability to handle the ball and knock down shots will be vital for the Hawks’ success. The bankers are still the team to beat.


Sharon Alfoxine


Photo courtesy:Basketball254


Sharon has made the move from the Eldoret side Eldonets to Riara alongside her teammate Stacy Ongwae. She describes the move as bold, feels good about joining the new squad and getting to play with the Scarlets. Sharon is confident and optimistic that the season will go as she has envisioned and expects nothing less than a playoff appearance. She is already feeling the pressure and understands the need to step up her game to match the competitive nature of Premier League basketball.


The team that seems to have made mad moves is Zetech Sparks who have added very good pieces that puts them in the ‘teams to beat’ category. Will the addition of Debra Obunga, Christine Akinyi, Val Kemunto and youngster Kiyobe Chantal be enough to give them a shot at the title?

Equity Hawks have also added great pieces to their already complete puzzle. Strengthening their squad makes for a tough season for their opponents. If they play their cards right they might just defend that championship.

Kenya Ports Authority also added a couple of great pieces to their roster, Ekise and Diana from Kenyatta University being some of their key additions. They also add Halima Holi and Vivian Nafuna from KPA Youth. Adding some young blood to their squad will bring new energy in the locker room and of course the court.

Storms have gained some important pieces this offseason as well. It will be interesting to watch them as they also anticipate the return of youngster Deedee Were. With the inclusion of Delima and shooting guard Patience Wambua from KPA Youth, Storms are confident of a deep playoffs run this season.

Riara university scarlets have a young core and have added quiet a number of solid players and I can tell you for sure they will be doing more that ruffling a couple of feathers. The Scarlets under coach Shem Omuta have acquired June Lumumba from KCA, Ayoom Athieng from ANU, Teresa Kedit from Buruburu Girls High School, Chelsea Natasha from LOF Spears and Doreen Jelagat from Strathmore. They are a team to watch.

We at th3#Doctor’sReport will be following up on more transfer news, as we keep on reporting, supporting and creating quality content.


By Dr. Ariel Okall


Editor: Brenda Mwaniki

By Ariel Okall


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