By Vivian Nafuna
Editor: Brenda Mwaniki

Linda Alando has the heart of a champion and has proven to be a seasoned veteran in women’s basketball in Kenya. Her A game seemingly, is all round. She is rooting an empire in the very competitive food and catering industry. What started as a love for good food and cooking has transformed into five fully fledged food joints across Nairobi. Hers is a family business which she runs alongside her brother and sister. Each of them plays a different role from managerial to marketing to accounting. Linda drew her inspiration from her mother who she says has a midas touch on any meal kienyeji. Her mom had a restaurant whose menu was not diverse. It was then that they pooled together their different passions and prowess to birth The Black Parrot. Linda is good with stews, her brother is a grill master and the sister blends in the knit with juicing and baking.
To her Basketball is family.

It has been part of my life for a little over 20 years. It would be a great honour to supply meals at events and games

the black parrot

She notes with delight how her past venture with KBF proved successful.

It helped boost my client numbers and for this I am very grateful. I look at such an opportunity as a way of giving back to a fraternity that has seen me mature from a teenager to a responsible and passionate adult


Linda envisions her venture becoming a franchise family owned business which provides employment. She hopes to create a legacy of dedicated service and improved, personalised customer relations.

Le Spot

Her outlets are;

1: Mistala Dishes located just across The Nyayo Stadium,

2: Le Spot by the Nyayo Stage,

3: Cubaka Stir Fry at Westmall Shop 102,

4: Black Parrot Hotel on Chyulu Road, Upper hill,

5: 102030 Fries on Moi Drive in Umoja.


You can reach her through the following handles;

Le Spot– Facebook,

The Black Parrot Hotel– Facebook, google and Jumia Food,

102030 Fries– Jumia foods,

Facebook. Handles for Mistala dishes and Cubaka Stir Fry are still cooking.

By Ariel Okall


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