By Ariel Okall
Editor: Brenda Mwaniki

There is pride in owning your own business. For basketball players, especially in East Africa, investing off the court is something most of them haven’t embraced. It could be because a lot these players already have other forms of employment, or they are students, or they don’t have the necessary resources to become entrepreneurs. Some players haven’t done it simply because they lack time and maybe ideas. In this edition of the Th3Doctor’s Report, we will take a special look at various investments and businesses owned by basketball players. You will be impressed by how ambitious basketballers are and the amount of skill and creativity that has been invested in these businesses.
If all ballers would buy and get their services from fellow ballers, the growth would be huge. By doing so, we would be supporting each other financially and growing each other’s businesses. When they say buy Kenya build Kenya, we say buy from a baller to build a baller.

Juno Collection

This is a clothesline collection started and owned by Former JKUAT Linx guard Juliet Amoke. She recently signed for UON dynamites.
She started it for the obvious reason of having a supplementary source of income.
Apart from that it has been her dream to own a clothesline that is affordable to most people. The thrift store is a stepping stone.

“Deep down, I want to be a source of employment for the young girls of my former team. My life in campus was not easy. It wasn’t a bed of roses. I hope by doing so it will make someone’s life a little better. Empowerment to the youth.”

The target market for now is adults but Amoke is looking forward to opening up a kid’s store soon. Her shop is a unisex online thrift store. So everything is available for both genders. For all of those who want to reach her. You can do so on Instagram
@Juno_ XXVII _collection
or call 0799579608 to place your orders.
shop for as low as 200 shillings and as high as 500, pocket friendly rates.

Some of Juno’s merchandises

When asked about investing money in business as sportsperson, she had very simple advice to give.”Take the risk, you either win or loose but you will never know if you don’t try. Put your money where you heart is, it helps you to stay motivated and wake up everyday to work and grind.”
There are challenges in her business of course. The biggest right now is the delivery of merchandise to customers due to the fact that the store is online.
She hopes to get a permanent store, where customers can all walk in shop as well as pick their purchases without anyone being inconvenienced. To counter this hitch she says communication with the customers is key.
Amoke Juliet’s biggest advise to ballers is that buying from a fellow baller will expand the market and generate higher income. The money will be moving around the Basketball community and that is a great thing in building each others lives off the court.
Think of it as a tree with different branches.

Amoke Juliet Owner Juno Collection

Support a baller, buy from a baller and build a baller
Don’t forget to shop at Juno Collections.

By Ariel Okall


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