By Ariel Okall
Editor: Brenda Mwaniki

This is a purified water company owned by James Mwangi aka Jamo, a member of the Kenya Morans, former league mvp and a champion. He currently plays for the defending champions Ulinzi Warriors. On the the court, he is a fierce competitor, off the court he has taken his competitive edge to the world of business. We can say he is winning on and off the basketball court and this is why.
Together with his brother they came up with this purified bottled water company.


The name was inspired by the word “Masafa” which is Swahili for travels.
His brother already owned a company called Masafa Tours. They saw an opportunity to have tourists quench their thirst with the same brand of water as the Tours company. Well, that’s what we call business IQ.
They also noticed that the area they reside in didn’t have a water refill shop and everyone bought water from the supermarket. These two demands culminated into the birth of Masafa Quench.

This is what Jamo had to say about the business.

“ We want to provide clean and affordable drinking water to the society and become one of the leading purified drinking water manufacturers in Kenya”

With the Covid19 pandemic affecting many businesses, Masafa Quench has also been hard hit. Getting new markets will be a big boost to the company. With a few basketball tournaments coming up around, let us reach out to James Mwangi and place our orders. The process is easy we will share contact information and also show support by following Masafa Quench on Facebook and Instagram @masafaquench

As the Basketball community we use water in practice, all our games and all the tournaments we hold around the country. Here is an opportunity to support a baller in business. We can only do this by buying and using water from MASAFA QUENCH.
As ballers we should embrace buying products and services from our fellow ballers. If every team could get their water from Masafa Quench, we will all be winning by drinking healthy, quality water and improving and building Jamo’s business.

“Having my business incorporated with basketball – the thing I love most – will be a delight. My goal is to grow and one day sponsor the National Teams.”

Go on and follow @masafaquench on IG and FB
Phone: +254 702 009315

Water is life.
James Mwangi And Masafa Quench are providing us with healthy water for a healthy life.

By Ariel Okall


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