Milimu Receiving the championship trophy from Rt Hon Raila Odinga

By Ariel Okall

Editor: Brenda Mwaniki

The Kenyan National Basketball team has had a great run in the last couple of months. Normally, we’d praise the players and the coaching staff for a job well done, and they deserve it, but we tend to forget about the people that work behind the scenes to ensure that the team affairs run smoothly. One such individual is Mercine Milimu or Cushlah as many may know her. She is the Team Manager of the Kenya Men’s National Basketball team; The Morans.
She is a lawyer by profession with a bachelor’s degree in law from Kenyatta University, and her love for basketball is unmatched. As a former basketball player, Miss Milimu has an in depth understanding of players affairs attributed to the fact that she is able to interact with players and relay their day to day issues to the necessary authorities.
Many describe her as quiet but she is assertive with a calm demeanor, unless the Morans are playing, then emotions run high. If you look carefully at the Morans’ bench you won’t miss this lady in patriotic clothing, cheering and shouting. Yes, that’s her.

Mercine Milimu. Photo Hoops Mtaani

For a woman, managing a men’s team comes with it’s own challenges. She says trying to understand each player has been the biggest challenge. Gradually, she has come to understand the different dynamics of her job and it has became easier.
As a woman in sports and a first timer, it has been challenging and has required a lot of patience.

“Men at times find it difficult to open up when they are having issues but having been with the team since 2018 has given me the necessary experience and helped me to understand them well. Plus this job doesn’t come with a manual, you learn on the job,”

she added.

Mercine has high praise for Kenyan basketball fans. “They are the real MVPs,” she says and thanks them for the immense support so far. She promises to assemble the best team for Kenya going forward. Without a doubt, she has high hopes that the Morans will do an excellent job.

“The players will do their best, they have been working hard to ensure the country returns to the African stage. It has been 27 years, what I can say now is, get ready for the Morans.”

Her advice to the young girls with dreams of playing basketball is, “Let your game speak. Do not let anyone take advantage of your talent. Know and understand your value.” For the young boys, she urges them to put in the work, love practice, and earn their spot, nothing comes easy and nothing is given.

Addressing young girls in Mathare slums. Photo Hoops Mtaani

The Morans resumed training under the guidance of coach Cliff Owuor. Kenyans are patiently waiting for the games to begin. 27 years without an Afrobasket appearance is a long drought. Its now or never and the Morans are ready and equipped to take on the challenge. #Moranstotheworld

By Ariel Okall


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