By Vivian Nafuna

Editor: Brenda Mwaniki

When we come together, great things happen. When great people come together, greater things happen. For these three gentlemen: Louis Ochiel, Ariel Okall and Valentine Boozer Otula, basketball is more than just a game. It is for this reason that they pooled ideas and birthed this elite professional basketball academy in Kenya; Pro Basketball Academy Kenya (PBA). The aim is to nurture basketball talent in the youth and inculcate a health and fitness interest too. The idea came to life on the 1st of April this year. PBA envisions the creation of a burning desire for the game of basketball, health and fitness in people of all ages.

Pro Basketball Academy Kenya is Looking to change the game by preparing and steering kids and elite athletes towards being professionals. We want to be better today than we were yesterday by filling in the missing links in youth programs, teaching fundamentals of basketball as a sport, and fitness in general. We want to build confidence & competence in health and fitness.

Pro Basketball Academy Kenya offers one and a half hour classes for both basketball and fitness everyday at 4:00 pm on working days, and from 9: 00 am on weekends and holidays.
PBA also groups registered players according to age, skill level, availability and flexibility.

We have virtual classes for students outside the capital, Nairobi, and abroad, who may want to take the classes.

Here’s what you should know about the guys behind the curtains:

  1. Louis Looee Ochiel
Coach Looee

He is the head of coaching for Pro Basketball Academy Kenya. Louis is a graduate of the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in Human Resource Management. He has played high-level basketball for six years. He has served in the capacity of a fitness and basketball coach for three years in China. This tells of a rich and diversified basketball mind. He has worked for the following companies: Nike ISG coach, YUEDA- youth group, NBA YAO, YOUCAN. In such hands, rest assured Kenyan basketball will soar to greater heights, not forgetting the fitness enthusiasts who are well covered.

2. Ariel ‘th3 doctor’ Okall

Ariel Okall

This is a household name in Kenyan basketball. Th3doctor now has the honour of ushering you to his lab. Ariel is a teacher by profession and a passionate sports writer. He has played professional basketball for six years both in and out of the country. He serves as PBA head of Marketing and Branding and is also a trainer

3. Valentine ‘Boozer’ Otula

Valentine ‘Boozer’ Otula

Many know him by the name Boozer. He is the head of logistics and his job is to make sure the academy has what is required to succeed. He also come up with the strategies necessary to steer the academy forward. Boozer also doubles up as a trainer. Nyakinda is a graduate of the The University of Nairobi with a BCOM in finance. He has played basketball in top tier leagues in and out of the country. Boozer has also played professional basketball for 4 years and has featured for the National Team in multiple tournaments.

Currently, the academy is working it’s way up to partnering and working together with PBA Seychelles and this will definitely be huge for the academy athletes. It will offer exposure and dynamic learning experiences for the young ones. The biggest challenge for the academy, however, is it is yet to establish an official training space. The covid-19 pandemic has also interfered enormously with the program. At the moment all classes are individual classes and virtual classes.

The Academy’s contacts are;

PBA… Your go to place for fitness and talent growth.

By Ariel Okall


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