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By Ariel Okall

Editor: Brenda Mwaniki

The covid19 situation has disrupted the start of the Kenyan Basketball League but it doesn’t mean we can’t have this conversation. The 2020 season would be halfway done by now and the defending champs Ulinzi Warriors still the favorites to win it all. There have been outstanding players looking back at the 2019 season. Will they shine in 2020? That will be decided on court. Th3 Doctor’s Report has put together a list of top 12 players to watch heading into this season. The list is based on usage rate, playing time, and how these players impact the game while contributing to their respective clubs. Being a member of the National Team also gives them an edge.
What are your thoughts?

1: Griffin Ligare

Photo courtesy:Eric Barasa

As the Morans’ skipper, Ligare has been here for a while and has dominated the game playing at a higher level. His knowledge of the game and skill set separates him from the pack. A scorer, defender, a great leader and a role model on and off the court. Kenya one is his nickname. Indeed Griffo is number one. Will he lead thunder to that elusive title this year? Only time will tell.

2:Eric Mutoro

Photo courtesy:Chris Omollo

Erico Jordo mutoro is a certified on-court assassin from Ulinzi warriors. He shoots to kill. The fearless soldier is one of the most electrifying players in the league. He plays the game with loads of energy. He is a great marksman who lives by the code hands down man down . He’s done a lot for his club and his country too. Jordo takes second place a champion in his own right.

3:Feisal Aden

photo courtesy: FiBA

Feisal needs no introduction because his resume speaks for itself. A professional scorer, clutch player and an understanding of the game that baffles many. He is the go to guy representing Equity Bank. His injury last season was a devastating blow that cost them the season. This year we hope to see him working his magic in the playoffs, for the bankers to make the semis, if you know what i mean.

4:Victor Bosire

Photo courtesy: Chris Omollo

The boss or is it Bos, call him what you may is another Warrior and fearless baller. Famously known for his lock down defense which is a choke hold for most of his opponents, he is also an avid scorer. He holds true to the hands down man down code like a true Moran and a champion. He takes the fourth place on our list. Will he make it five championships in a row? He just might since the Warriors look unchallenged this season.

5:Faheem Juma

photo courtesy:madgoat tv

From Eastlands the dreadlocked baller takes 5th place as he was exceptional in the 2019 season. The young fellow is taking over the league and his game is fun to watch. His shoots from way beyond the arc, can rebound and has the dribbling skills to mix it up too. he is also Moran.

6:Keegan Oyugi

Photo courtesy:FIBA

This kid can play and has the fight of ten dogs in him. He represents Kenya Ports Authority and he’s debut season was all fire. He is a strong guard with serious ball handling skills, crazy finishing on the rim. Keego takes 6th place. I hear he’s in the States sharpening his proverbial machete because the porters need his sharp edge to make the finals.

7:Washika john

Photo courtesy:Jonah Onyango SMG

Jonte is what we call this legit, athletic rebounder and with a great personality on and off the court. With a lethal jump shot and a heart of a killer, the army man sits at number 7.

8:Eugene Adera

Photo courtesy:Chris Omollo

From Nakuru, and representing EMYBA at eighth place, Eugene is one fun player to watch. Having had a great season in 2019, we can’t wait to see him break ankles and put defenders in blenders.

9:James Mwangi

Photo courtesy:Chris Omollo

Jamo’s resumé speaks for itself. Even though injuries slowed him down in the last finals, he did have quite a solid season. He is a key asset to the army side Ulinzi Warriors with a good jump shot and great understanding of the game. His experience is key if Ulinzi still want to defend the land.

10:Valentine Boozer

photo courtesy:FIBA

The Boozer has a strong drive to the basket and a great jump shot. He represents KPA at the tenth spot. Big Boozer is a complete package, evident from that game where the Morans battled Eritrea in the Nyayo gymnasium. He is a posterizer so don’t be caught up on his path to the rim. Is he what KPA needs to make that finals?

11:Fidel Okoth

photo courtesy:FIBA

The young Moran who plays for Strathmore Blades has the fire, energy and determination. He is always hungry for more and will make a great leader for the next generation of Blades. Fidel has been the player to watch from the Madaraka side and we look forward to what he has to offer in 2020.

12:Tony Mwendwa

Photo courtesy:Philip Kamakya/ PD

Full of energy and confidence, this guy is fearless and ambitious. Representing EMYBA, Tony is one of the key assets the Embakasi side have and we most definitely look forward to seeing what he’s got. He also supplies footwear. If you like his shoes you might as well cop them .

Honorable mentions:

1:Ariel Ortega

Photo courtesy:Eric Barasa

USIU tigers solid guard with vast talent and skill set. Young but has knowledge of the game, and for the last time I’m Ariel Okall don’t get it twisted.

2:Victor Elektrik

Photo courtesy:sportpicha

He is easily the best player on the Equity roster after the assassin Feisal Aden, great defender and has proven that he can knock down long range shots all the way from Timbuktu.

There you have it, share your comments and thoughts, Feel free to add your favorite Player from your favorite team.

By Ariel Okall


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