Players in camp

1: Griffin Ligare -Thunder

2: Valentine Nyakinda -KPA

3: Desmond Blacio-Australia

4: Ronnie Gundo-USA

5: Fidel Okoth- Blades

6: Faheem Juma-Equity

7: Eric Mutoro-Ulinzi

8: Victor Ochieng- Equity

9: Eugene Adera- EMYBA

10: Joseph Khaemba- Ulinzi

11: Bush Wamukota- Patriots BC Rwanda

12: Victor Bosire- Ulinzi

Players expected in camp

Tylor Okari – Denmark

Preston Bungei- Denmark

Joel Awich- France

Ariel Okall- Oman


Liz Mills

Collins Gaya
The Final list will be available as soon as we get it

By Ariel Okall


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