As a coach and a tactician, Ojukwu is a master of his craft he is also one of the most successful coaches in the country. A defense-oriented coach who believes it generates great offense and wins championships. He has worked and guided some of the greatest athletes in Kenya. We challenged him to give a list of five most dominant and talented players in Kenya, dubbed ‘The Anthony Ojukwu All Time Greats’. The coach went ahead to share a list of five players who brought him to the limelight, and a second list of the players who are now continuing his legacy. In short the first list has the vets and the second, the new generation ballers. Here they are;

Gladys Wanyama. Photo courtesy L&C Flickr

The Veterans

1: Susan Agoya (RIP)

She was a fast and tenacious guard, her fighting spirit was something to be adored. Passionate with a lot of fight in her, an excellent defender with a great perimeter game. She led KPA to multiple titles. She is arguably the best point guard in Kenyan women basketball.

2: Caroline Arato

Arato was more of a transition player. She could run the floor very well. She was aggressive, an all round player, a great leader with a calm demeanor. Off the court she is a mother figure to most of the young crop of KPA women’s team, always offering guidance and support.

3: Millicent Anyango

A point forward with great communication skills. Her basketball IQ was impeccable, her biggest strength was in making plays and organizing the floor. Offensively she was a high IQ player, cunning and skilled in terms of scoring.

4: Miriam Awuor

Another high level, high IQ player with great wing presence. She played multiple positions and could score in numerous ways. Her size was an advantage she used that in a smart way especially to draw fouls. She had the ability to handle the ball and make plays too.

5: Gladys Wanyama

A very versatile big man. She was strong with great size and length.
She had a great mid range jump shot, she could run the floor well and was good at attacking the basket. She is currently in the States. Gladys terrorized the paint with her superb ability to score and rebound.

Anthony Ojukwu. Photo courtesy FIBA

New Generation

6: Natalie Akinyi

A formidable guard with great court vision. Natalie Akinyi is a great basketball player. She is strong with a great jump shot, great passing skills and is a team player. Natalie is a champion and a National team point guard her resume speaks for itself and she deserves a spot in this all time list.

7: Selina Okumu

Selina Okumu comes from a family deeply rooted in sports. Her Siblings Liz Okumu Josh Okumu and Celia Okumu are all ballers. She is an aggressive player who is always on the attack. Her size is always an advantage against smaller defenders. Okumu fits in almost all positions depending on where the coaches want to play her. She is also a member of the Kenyan  National Women’s Basketball team. 

8: Hilda Luvandwa

Hilda, also known as Kenya one, is by far the best player in the country now. Her mastery of the game of basketball is top class. She has a quick release, a jump shot, a three point shot that is money. Hilda is a champion and a seasoned vet. Her basketball resume is huge, she deserves a documentary. She will go down as one of the best ballers to ever lace up.

Selina Okumu. Photo courtesy Tsauba Stone

9: Bridgit Nanzala

A lot of people call her Afande. The KDF officer made her case with Eagle Wings under the wings of the late Smarts Olumbo. She a skilled big man with a soft finishing touch on the glass. A money jump shot and good timing on blocking shots. Bridjo, as she is known by her peers, is a Kenyan champion and has been on the Kenyan National team for a long time. She is by far a Kenyan legend in her own rights.

10: Felmas Koranga

Felmas Koranga also made the list of all time greats. She is currently in the USA, making her case in the NCAA division one. Koranga is also a member of the Kenyan Women’s National team. She is a forward who fits a center’s shoes. She can run the floor with ease and coming from a family of sportsmen, Koranga is in familiar territory. She is already one of Kenya’s top basketball players.

By Ariel Okall


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  1. Ojukwu remains the best coach, am humbled and grateful for the mention and appreciation from Odimwengu Chuck Norris. Live long grandpa to our children.

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