Mercine ‘Cush’ Milimu is the epitome of vibrance. She radiates a positive vibe that reflects clearly on those around her. This then translates to excellence in what she does. The fond tone with which she refers to the Kenyan Morans sounds a lot like confidence. Seeing her acing what she does, you may think she’s been on the managerial seat before but, Cush was actually player first. She schooled at Buruburu Girl’s High School which has been a basketball powerhouse for a longtime.

Milimu (centre) together with Morans Head Coach Liz Mills (right) and guard Joseph Khaemba, Photo courtesy Radull live

She then proceeded to Kenyatta University where she brags of having been a part of the squad that steered KU Oryx to the big girls league. Later on she played for Eagle Wings. An accident put her out of the court . When the chance to manage the Kenyan Morans came her way, it was a blessing. ”My greatest challenge,” she notes, “was transitioning from the floor to the bench.” Two very different portfolios. She believes the men’s team is headed in the right direction all thanks to the collective effort of stakeholders. One step at a time.

”To see what I believed and put work in manifesting before my eyes was such an honour,” she said (regarding the Afrobasket qualifiers). She however adds that the best is yet to come. Milimu is one of the powerful women working tirelessly to ensure the Morans are successful.

Editor: Brenda Mwaniki

By Ariel Okall


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