The NBl league heads into a new month with all basketball fans in Uganda talking about the playoffs. In a short and exciting season the top five teams are scheming on winning the championship that has been earned by the City Oilers seven times in a row.
Who do you support and who do you pick to win it all?
The Namuwongo blazers who are the new kids on the block have a strong squad. Which is being led by Congolese guard Omanye Chris,the evergreen Syrus Kiviri and an addition of Soro Geoffrey and Deng Dikong just to spice up their squad.
Is that enough to carry it all?
Do the Boys from Namuwongo have what it takes?
The Jkl Dolphins made some huge signings,
Going into the playoffs they managed to conquer the Titans but were overtaken by the Oilers and Blazers. Other than Being led by coach Mayienga,who is also the kenya lioness coach,They have a great squad that can be lethal if they click. Ivan Lumanyika, Brian Namake, Congolese import Libe are some of the big names that will be behind Jkl championship coup. All eyes will be on them.

UPDF vs Power Photo courtesy FUBA

Ucu canons are well coached. Their coach Nick can bet on his close friend Sudi Ulanga to make a championship run. Fadhili Chuma will also be a key ingredient to add into the mix. Canons might be the preys but they have massive playoffs experience. There isn’t much we can say about them but watch out for the Mukono boys.
City oilers have been the overall champions and are still firmly defending the chip.
They are currently first and have geared up with Fidel Okoth a Kenyan from strathmore blades and Michael Makiadi from Patriots in Rwanda.
They face KIU this sunday in a game everyone will be keen to watch as it will be key to unlock how the two big boys will play against each other.
It is exciting that KIU too brought in Faisal Aden and Ariel Okall to team up with point guard Michael Bwanga creating a very efficient big three.
KIU has a good supporting cast that can be lethal if they play together.
The big question is do they have all it takes to take down the City Oilers?
Well let’s turn up on Sunday and witness who takes the crown, temporarily.

Editor: Brenda Mwaniki

By Ariel Okall


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