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There’s a song that goes, ‘When the sun goes down and the sky goes dark, souls long gone come out like stars.’ We can look up and see the bright shining skies reminding us that our loved ones are watching over us. All this reminds us that there is a place we go after our time here on earth is done. There is a heaven. Keegan, your light down here has gone off, as you go home to be with the Lord, shine bright on your way. Your legacy and what you believed in has been cemented in our hearts, forever. The pain of losing you is like an alarm clock, we snooze it for a while but it still comes back. It hurts, but it reminds us of you and what you meant to us. You were loved by all. Your smile was bright, and you showed everyone their respect. The way you loved basketball and worked everyday to improve your craft, left a mark in the lives of the players who knew you and those who looked up to you.
Ambitious you were, and everyday you were striving to be a better version of Keegan Oyugi. You had both a willingness to learn and lead, you were people person and that’s why its so painful that in your last days you were all alone. We are broken and the gap you have left cannot be filled. This article is dedicated to you as they lay you rest, may we never forget how you impacted our lives. Rest In eternal peace.

we are blessed to have met you Keego

Chris Ogutu- TM Kenya Ports Authority

We had a plan Keegan. We had a plan that this season was going to be your break out season. We had a plan that at the end of it all they were going to know your name. This was not it man, this was so unexpected and though I know you are in a better place, I can not say it out loud cause for me, a better place is me on the bench watching you do your thing on the basketball court for the White and blue, that’s the better place. The night bus ride I took with you from Kisii to Nairobi after the KECOSO games will be dear to me. The two days bus ride to Kigali, showed me what you are made of, so much passion for the game. I will miss you Keegan, we had a plan. Fare the well.

#10 Keegan Oyugi (KPA) during the BAL qualifiers in Kigali

Lennox Wanje- player KPA

It was sad waking up to unexpected news about our brothers death. Personally i couldn’t believe it but I had to accept the fact that it has already happened.
I was expecting him to come back to Kenya so we could work together as teammates. I knew we’d make a great combo that other teams would’ve been afraid to face.
We haven’t played together but, the little time we spent together and the little chats we had before, my G, Keegan, was real. The realest guy that will leave an impact in our lives. A very funny guy and anyone could get along with him.
It’s very sad to loose a brother with such great talent, may his soul rest in peace. To the family, may you take heart and stay strong. The KPA family stands with you.

Samwel Mitch Ochola- Coach KPA

They say that sweet times of reflection are a part of grieving. As time goes on, I hope we will be able to carry your memories into the future with strength and hope. May the family’s sense of peace and wellbeing be restored despite the loss you feel at the present time. Fly with the angels small brother. #10

from left, Evans Leting, Keegan Oyugi, Ariel Okall, Michael Bwanga and Dicky Aran. All of KPA during the FIBA Basketball Africa League qualifiers in Rwanda.

Valentine Otula- Kenya Morans

To my boy, Keego. It was great knowing you and playing basketball together. We had great times together. After the games you used to say ‘Unaenda kupiga heavy’ (eating heavy). I remember that time Okall and I forced you to go out after winning BAL qualifiers in Madagascar and it turned out you had epic fun. Great times bro, you were a hardworker, always on the court, then the weightroom and back to the court.You were really motivated to follow and achieve your dreams. Rest with the angels bro. God be with your family and friends in this trying times.

Ariel Okall- Kenya Morans

At first, I was so hurt because accepting that you are no more is hard. I still can’t. All I know is you are in a better place. We talked about everything, we talked about professional basketball, we inspired and encouraged each other. The day you disappeared I sent you a message, it’s still unanswered. I wasn’t aware of what you were going through. God gives and he picks His best soldiers to go back to heaven and be by His side. I’m a believer of eternity and I believe that when my time comes, you will be among those who will welcome me home. I will see you there my brother. Go rest, and rest peacefully young King Keego. I love you bro.

Keegan with Ariel Okall (right) at the BAL

Mercine Milimu- TM Kenya Morans

Keegan, what can I say but thank God I knew you. You always sent congratulatory messages when Morans achieved a milestone. You always sent clips wanting to improve. I always appreciated the jokes you sent. From the Morans family we say rest easy Keego. We will honour your memories and talent. Rest in perfect peace Keegan Oyugi

Lennox Safari Pande- KPA manager

Keegan’s passing was received with sadness by our KPA family. He was on of us and we loved him just as much as he loved the team. We were already planning on how to bring him back here to play for us in the new season. For us who traveled with him to Madagascar for the BAL qualifiers, we still have fresh memories of his contribution to the team. It was his first professional debut and he performed well. We loved you so much Keegan but God loved you more that’s why he choose you. Rest in peace

By Ariel Okall


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  1. When I first heard the news of you gone missing it didn’t click to me that you had actually gone forever.I can only remember coming all the way from Men to Msa to watch you play.You were so talented maan……..Death… death is painful.The last enemy on earth.May God keep you in His memory,we live to have good memories.

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