Even at their lowest, they still rose. Not only to stand for themselves but for the whole nation. The Lionesses proved to us that the resilience of a woman is the strength of the whole community by winning against Egypt. They didn’t start off as strongly as they finished. Luckily, they got a chance to face off against the same teams that destroyed them during the preliminaries. The semis gave the Lionesses a chance to face Rwanda again and obliterate them. The finals brought around Egypt a second time. As competitive as the first game had been, the team could not afford to lose to Egypt and miss out on the chance to win the FIBA Zone V qualifiers. They did it for Kenya, for our nation. They did it for those that look up to them. They did it and they are going to do it all over again at the Afrobasket in Cameroon. See you there!

By Ariel Okall


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