With roughly a month and a half to go until the tip-off of the 2021 KBF Playoffs, we thought it would be a good time to put together some positional rankings.
This was quite the task, given the amazing talent that we have in the league. We looked at combo guards, players with the ability to play both point and shooting guard but our focus was mostly on ball handlers. You will notice Eugene Adera ranking has dropped but it is mainly due to his injury.
We had our writers, contributors and editors put together their own lists and we finalized the ranks looking at the players’ ability to control the game, make plays and impact the game. Here is the top ten list of elite ball handlers in the Kenya Basketball Federation League.

Eugene Adera of Emyba Photo courtesy Hoops Mtaani


1: Griffin Ligare- Thunder
Griffin, aka Kenya One, has the ability to impact the game on and off the floor. Despite his age he is still competing at a high level. His leadership skills on the floor makes it easy for his teammates to play as a team. He’s a great shooter, passer and has been blessed with that clutch instinct that takes over games when it matters most. Ligare is the Morans’ captain. He has the ability to play as a one and two man

2: Victor Bosire – Ulinzi Warriors
A freak defensively, Victor Bosire of Ulinzi Warriors is a tough hooper. He plays the with superb energy, is a good shooter from the three point line, has the pace to initiate fast breaks and can also make plays for his teammates. As a member of the Kenya Morans, Bosire is a key component of the Ulinzi Warriors Championship run this season.

3: Feisal Aden- Equity Bank
Returning from his short stint in Uganda, Aden’s ball handling skills are off the hook. He is a big guard with great ability to score the basketball, is lethal from the three point line and has a killer floater. Aden’s ranking might not be as high because he hasn’t played most games for Equity Bank but he might just lead them to a deep playoff run.

Victor Bosire (left) defending Sila Cedric of Kisumu Lakeside

4: Ariel Ortega – USIU
A quiet assassin, this young hooper from USIU. He is a baller, great shooter, athletic, and a great defensive guard who can score at will. You might not hear a lot about him but basketball fans need to take note and watch him do what he does.

5: Joseph Khaemba – Ulinzi Warriors
Kenya Morans’ and Ulinzi Warriors’ guard Joseph Khaemba is known for pace and speed. A good guard defensively with a good mid range shot who also lights it up from the three point line occasionally. His biggest strength is the ability to read the game and make plays for his teammates.

6: Eugene Adera- EMYBA
Recovering from his injury, Adera is known for his quick crossover and pace. He has good playmaking skills and was instrumental for EMYBA last season. We look forward to his return and wish him quick recovery.

7:Brian Ondiek- KU Pirates
Brian is a quick guard and a pest defensively, a match most hoopers don’t like. He has the ability to make plays and initiate fast breaks. This is the type of guard most big men want to play with because of his great passes which lead to dunks. He features for KU Pirates.

8: Lennox Wanje- KPA

Lennox Wanje KPA

He is fast and athletic. This young hooper has the ability to shoot the ball, play defense, and score in numerous ways. He is gifted and we look forward to seeing him in the Morans squad.

9: Ken Dwallo- Strathmore
He is a big guard who has the ability to create plays for his peers. He is a great defender with good game control. He can take over games at will and impact the game positively. This is the type of guard you want to have as your teammate. With great shooting abilities and a great finishing, we can say Ken Dwallo is a scorer.

10: Sila Derick- Lakeside
Sila has good ball control and the ability to create plays for others. He has a good mid-range shot and is also a good three-point shooter. He is also a quick and athletic. With these abilities, Sila is doing solid work for the Lakeside basketball team and led them to last season’s playoffs where they lost to champions, Ulinzi.

By Ariel Okall


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  1. Good article. It would have been even better if you gave us stats to validate your ranking. Otherwise, the ranking is subjective.

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