As we break things down position by position heading into the KBF playoffs, we take a look at Kenya’s top 10 Big men in the 2021 season.
Our definition of a ‘big man’ is a power forward or center. We couldn’t include small forwards because we would like to rank them differently from the fours and fives. You will notice a player like Kelvin Kigotho ranked a little lower but this is due to his late arrival into the season after a long break from injury. There are a few honorable mentions, Frank Omondi, Alex Oguso and Brian Obimbo, who we feel are elite but in one way or another didn’t make the cut. These rankings take into account performance, potential, efficiency and how well these players impact the game and help their teams. With the help of our contributors we present to you the top 10 big men in Kenya 2021 season.

1: Nick Ogol – Kenya Ports Authority

Nick Ogol sits at the very top with his size, midrange jump-shot, and moves on the low post making him a tough matchup for defenders. He is also a defensive center who can alter shots and protect the rim. Nick is a big who plays on both ends of the floor.

2: John Washika – Ulinzi Warriors

This is a power forward with a good turnaround jumper. One of the best PFs in the league at the moment. Washika John is great defensively and on the rebound. He has the ability to block shots which adds to Ulinzi’s list of rim protectors.

3: Bramwel Muchina – KU Pirates

This youngster plays for KU Pirates. Blessed with length and a great wing span, Bram is by far the fastest rising Big man in Kenya. His best basketball days are still ahead of him. He runs the floor well, plays well defensively and offers KU Pirates great coverage defensively. His rim protection is superb. He would make a great addition to Kenya Morans in the future or even now, why not? (2.0)

William Ochieng Ulinzi Warriors Photo via Hoops Mtaani

4: Kevin Chogo – Equity Bank Dumas

Returning from injury is power forward Chogo who was hurt during the 2019 playoffs. Chogo has the ability to play facing the basket and also with his back facing the rim. He has a decent jump shot and is gifted with a long arms which makes him very dominant with his right hand. His wing span gives him the ability to alter shots defensively and to rebound well. Currently with Equity Bank Dumas, Chogo is putting in work and that cannot go unnoticed.

5: Kelvin Macharia aka ‘Kigz’

He is extremely skilled at the Center position. His game was stalled by injuries but he is back and looking good out there. Kigz is a great defender due to his long arms and has good lateral movement for his size. His jump shot is great which allows him to stretch the floor, add his footwork and you get quite the center. We will be watching to see how his game will progress this year as he leads the Dumas into the light of the playoffs.

6: Martin Kitong’o – Kenya Ports Authority

He is one of the experienced veterans in the KBF league, a natural three man who has evolved into a formidable post player.
He is known for his aggression on the boards and deep seals on the low post. Defensively, he is a little slower but still has good reads and good reactions on defense.

Bramwel Muchina (15 white) attempts a layup shot against UON terrorists in a past playoffs match at the Nyayo Gymnasium. Photo courtesy Hoops Mtaani

7: William Ochieng – Ulinzi Warriors

Clearly, age is just a number because Willie is still dominant in the paint. He is very aggressive and a tough match up for defenders to cover. He has improved his game and can now stretch the floor and shoot a couple of threes. He is one of the best free throw shooters in the league. Willie gives Ulinzi depth in their big men department and his rebounding is still great. His experience comes from having played the game for a long time.

8: Dennis Koja – Strathmore Blades

Koja is a flexible power forward who can play the Centre position because of his wingspan and athletic abilities.
Offensively his footwork is a beauty something that comes in handy on the low-post moves. He has a good perimeter shot and can pass the ball very well to find his open teammates.
Defensively he is one of the very few bigs who can play defense on guards because he is quick and can slide. In addition to that he’s a shot blocker and a great rebounder.

Kevin Chogo (right) on the attack against Emyba is a past league match. Photo courtesy Hoops Mtaani

9: George Obumbo – Nairobi City Thunder

Gumbo has great length and he plays mostly with his back to the rim and uses his length to finish. He has moves that goes along with a great hook. He is a decent rebounder and defensively, a good shot blocker. We can also describe him as a calm hooper who always does his job, never fancy but efficient.

10: Tony Mwendwa – Nairobi City Thunder

Tony Mwendwa is a player whom every team would love to have on their squad. He is fearless and confident, attributes that you cannot coach.
He has improved his game and shoots very well in the mid range. He suits up for Thunder alongside Morans captain Griffin Ligare. Mwendwa is a good rebounder and a great big with great communication skills.

By Ariel Okall


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