Kenyan shooting guard Georgia Adhiambo, also known as Ching Ching, is living her best life in Kigali, Rwanda, and playing her best basketball ever.
The USIU alumni added another championship to her trophy cabinet after winning the BKBNL with REG women’s basketball team. Speaking to Th3 Doctors Report, Georgia shared her story and shed some light on her journey to the top. A story of a winner with a never-say-die attitude. Something that should be emulated by the young upcoming basketball players in Kenya.

1: When did you join the Rwanda Basketball League?

I joined the Rwanda league last season in 2020. This is my second season.

2: Tell us more about the teams you’ve played for and your current team?

From 2013 – 2016; I played for USIU and won 3 championships. We finished 2nd in Kenya in 2013, 1st position in 2014 and also won FIBA Zone V club championship in 2014. 2015 KBF season we won again. This has given me a lot of exposure and more than 10 appearances at international tournaments through Zone V and club championships.

In 2017, I played for KPA, we had a great unbeaten season and won both the Kenyan league and Zone V championship. This was a welcoming season for me on how playing for a real club felt like.
In the 2018-2019 season, I crossed the border and joined A1 Challenge ladies basketball club in Uganda. I had a great time, it was my first time experiencing playing for a club outside my country. It was a club with a bunch of outreach programs to empower and teach the girl child life skills and basketball.

From 2020 to date, I have featured for Ubumwe Basketball Club which rebranded to REG women’s basketball team. This Is a club determined to achieve the best and I am learning everyday on and off the court. It’s a great journey for me. I met my current club president in a Zone V tournament in Dar es Salaam while I was still playing for USIU and since then we have been good friends.

Adhiambo (right) receiving her championship medal. Photo courtesy FERWABA

3: What was your team’s secret in winning this year’s title and what did you guys do differently?

The main reason for our championship win is the technical bench. The management also assembled a great team we had elite guards and post players whom the team had lacked before. This added the depth we needed. The preparation was great. We were in camp during the whole final series. This kept the whole team focused and on the same page to accomplish the mission that was ahead of us. The unity and trust in each other also led to the win.

4: How many championships have you won so far?

I have won a total of 11 championships:
3 Kenyan league championships,
4 university championships in Kenya,
2 Zone V championships with club teams,
1 Zone V championship with the National team
1 championship in the Rwanda league.

5: How does this championship run differ from the others?

We came into the season as the underdogs and ended up champions. Being a champion in a foreign country also feels nice.

REG basketball team BKBNL champions. Photo courtesy FERWABA

6: Have you faced any difficulties playing in Kigali?

I haven’t really faced any hurdles except the language barrier when I first arrived. With time I have managed to handle that really well.

7: What’s next for you moving forward?

I’ll Keep on working, staying ready and leaving it all to God. #Godsplan

By Ariel Okall


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