So you think you can dunk? Well, meet Larry or ‘God’s favorite’ as he often refers to himself. At 25 years of age, Larry has proven to be Kenya’s best dunker in the last year. Dunking is still the most dominant way of scoring in basketball despite the rising popularity of the three point shot. Most fans pay good money to watch players throw down jams and this is why dunkers are glorified.

Standing at 6’3, it’s hard to believe the bounce on this guy. Watching him jump with ease is art and poetry. Larry is an athletic beast and he owes this to his work ethic.

“It’s a privilege to be able to do this. It’s all the work and time I put in. I can only thank God.”

Larry believes dunking is more than just fun and electrifying. He says he is a dreamer and that his dream is to be the best. He aims to get the best out of himself with the hope of going beyond the limits.

With success comes challenges, and the young athlete has faced quite a few.

“It is never easy to try and be your best. I have had my fair share of challenges from injuries to negative thoughts and losing. I am a strong believer in comebacks so everyday I fight the negativity and pray through them.”

Larry recently won the Scratcho dunking competition organized by Kenyan basketball legend, Peter Kiganya. He easily dominated and showed that he is the best dunker in Kenya. He says it was an amazing experience.

“The competitors were spectacular, guys who’ve played the game for quite a long time. I’d say it was both tough and interesting at the same time. In the future I’d appreciate to see more of these competitions. They are inspiring and motivating.”

His advice to young players who have dreams of trying out dunking is simple. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep working and never stop dreaming because anything is indeed possible.

By Ariel Okall


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