A great legacy is all about impact. For an athlete, being able to give back is at the heart of it. Such is a narrative being written by the Korangas. Ariel and Felmas are household names in Kenyan basketball. They have partnered with their family and are working towards establishing a ladies team. Th3 Swish women’s basketball team is set to debut in the KBF Division 1 league in 2022. It is a branch of The Doctor’s Report.

”There is a lot of promising talent slacking around .Having a home grown team can help harness these talents,” says Ariel.

”Most of them are school going ladies who we felt would get a great sense of purpose from this,” he continued.

Swish women basketball team

Felmas emphasized that this establishment means a lot to her.
”The team will keep the ladies engaged on a positive course.”
She also noted that if any of them achieves higher than just the league, it will be a dream come true for her.

The preexistent squad may be beefed up with a limited number of players who are not from Nakuru. This will help season the team and add on a tinge of diversity.

By Ariel Okall


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  1. I am currently a form 4 leaver. I had been playing basketball through my highschool and l would really love to be part of the team and achieve more. How can one be part of the team.

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