Equity Bank Dumas proved too hot to handle for the visiting KPA in the weekend’s second round playoffs action. KPA laboured through a 64-54 loss in game 1 and a 78-66 loss in game 2 to the resilient Dumas. The dockers now face a 2-0 deficit in their second-round playoff series staring at a sweep. Kenya Morans’ guard Victor Ochieng took up the scoring load for Equity, dropping 22 points and 29 points in game 1 and 2 respectively, leading all scorers. On the KPA roster, early everyone shrank from the moment apart from a few flashes of brilliance from Job Byron in game 1 and Victor Odendo in game 2. The Bankers proved too fast for KPA outrunning and outscoring them in transition. Equity shot 7/20 from the three-point line and 15/40 inside the paint in game 1. They also shot 13/35 from the three-point line and 12/38 inside the paint in game 2. Most of KPA’s points were scored in the paint given their size. The dockers were 5/20 from the arch in game 1 and 13/65 in the 2 point field goal department in game 1, and 7/27 from the three point line 23/79 in the 2 point field goal department in game 2.

Playoffs game 2 KPA vs Equity results

Looking at the numbers, KPA is outplaying Equity bank in almost all important statistical areas apart from the three ball and that’s what makes the difference. Equity bank are also more efficient and are rebounding well which is a surprise considering KPA are superior in size.

The series shifts to Mombasa for game 3, 4 and 5. The Makande gymnasium is KPA’s home court but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will thrive. They will have to adjust and correct their mistakes. KPA needs to improve in the rebounding department, adjust their transition and look to cover the bankers three-point shooting. If they fail to do this, Victor ‘Electric’ Ochieng will lead the Dumas in sending them home for the offseason. Will this be a sweep?

images Courtesy of Hoops Mtaani

By Ariel Okall


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