Mobile Service Provider, Safaricom PLC successfully piloted a smart vehicle tracking system at the just concluded East Africa Safari Classic Rally.
The Telematics solution integrates with the vehicle’s onboard computer and collects information on several parameters that are accumulated and recorded at the start and end of each trip. This provides insights into journey duration, vehicle speed, route information, fuel consumption, and driver behavior.
The solution also allows for visualization of information relating to vehicle performance and efficiency, vehicle status, and driver behavior. This provides key information to better manage any fleet. Using smart technology, it was possible to tell accurately the speed and location of the cars during the whole duration of the race.

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The cutting-edge technology was installed on Raaji Bhraji’s Ford Mark 1, 1969, and reigning African Rally Champion Carl ‘Flash’ Tundo’s Triumph TR 7.
Speaking about the new technology, Safaricom PLC CEO Peter Ndegwa said that the new technology was built on cloud technology, making it easy to store and access all the data collected during the race.

“The smart tracking system is built on a reliable cloud platform which is highly elastic and scalable to accommodate the storage of all the data from all trips. This allows one to retrieve information on any finished trip in a visual format,” added Mr. Ndegwa

This new triumph sets the ground for the use of the new technology in upcoming rally events in the country.

By Ariel Okall