Kenya Moran’s power forward Albert Odero has been drafted by Ponte D’Agua Gorillas. He is set to suit up for the team right after completing the national assignment due in July.
The self made elite, speaking to the doctors report noted that this opportunity was timely and handy.

“I was not looking for it.,but I am fully aware of how it could all be lost in a short span.”

He recalls of how a similar call up ended untimely in Morocco 2021,BAL. This was after he tore his thumb ligament two weeks into the camp,forcing the team to let him go. Looking back in time, I feel it prepared me mentally on how to take on future chances such as this.

“Moving forward I just want to be in a situation where I’m happy and playing basketball for a club.”

The Capeverde experience will be completely different from what he’s used to. This owes to the fact that it is a new environment and people all together but the Moran is confident it is worth the while.

“There is a lot to learn when going overseas because everything is so different.” He however asserts that he is up to the task.

Odero confidently notes that his shot towards pro was a self made decision inspired during the pandemic. He says that, in as much as basketball is fun, it also is business. This realization has been his biggest motivating factor. He uses this as a pivot to put to perspective what works for him and what does not.

parting shot: There’s a lot of ups and downs, stay consistent with what you do no matter what and continue to work hard, something will come out of it.

By Ariel Okall