If you are a sports fanatic routing for any team, you always believe that your team is the best and they could actually win a title. Well it doesn’t always turn out that way, winning is a hard thing to do, only a chosen few have managed to go all the way to the top.
In the KNBL this season, three teams are showing potential of being title contenders, Ulinzi Warriors, Equity Dumas and defending champions KPA. Ulinzi lost some of their key pieces entering the new season with equity signing two of Ulinzi key players. As the season progresses Equity Dumas seem like they will win something this season. After starting the season slow losing to newcomers ANU KPA have become the team to beat this season. In this article i give you 5 reasons why KPA could be the real deal this season, they might win it all. With all these components in place, another title is on the way.

Joseph Khaemba KPA Point Guard. Photo Courtesy Hoops Mtaani

1: New Signing Along The Way
Losing MVP Ken Wachira meant lose of depth especially in the shooting department. However the KPA management signed Eugene Adera and Trevor Gari to add on their guard play. Adera is finding his footing and he seems more comfortable on the ball while making plays for the dockers. He led the team in scoring when dockers torched Equity bank last weekend. They have also added a few big men extending their search to Congo and bringing Mira Wasud to the squad we will be keen to see how he fits in.
The priority for KPA will be to maintain their young core while still being in a position to win a title every year. With hopes that MVP Ken Wachira might return to the team, if the rumors are true then that’s a clear indication that trophy will remain in Mombasa.

Ken Wachira (7), Martin Kitong’o (4), Philip Tobias (10) Celebrating The 2021 Season Title. Photo Courtesy Hoops Mtaani.

2: Healthy Squad
Let’s talk injures, most teams need to note that injuries always mess up a good season. As of now the dockers are enjoying a healthy season with a full house of all players signed. This has made it easy for coach Sammy Kiki to rotate his players. Losing a title due to injuries cannot be used as an excuse however sad it may sound. If KPA stays healthy they will be a hard team to beat.

3: Financial Muscle
More money means more happiness and you get to have the best players playing for you, players who are highly motivated. The Kenya Ports Authority loves supporting sports and player welfare in KPA is top notch. With money the club always does what it can to retain the good players who are a piece to their championship puzzle. If they keep pumping money into the team and ensuring their players are being employed, all these factors will put them in a sweet spot to compete for a championship.

Eugene Adera KPA new signing. Photo Courtesy Hoops Mtaani

4: Coherence
KPA management has workers hard to ensure all the players in the team bond and mesh well with each other. Organizing camps and trips for their side serves as enough motivation to play. The togetherness in the team is what makes them beat a star studded team like Equity Bank. It will be interesting to see how they incorporate their new signings into the dockers culture and keep them up to speed on their winning ways. With enough time to consolidate and build momentum, Kenya Ports Authority will be poised to win it all and even play in the BAL next year.

5: Ambition
Its not a secret that dockers covet that BAL appearance the only way to take part in the prestigious basketball extravaganza is to win the league in your respective country. The champions do not want to lose that opportunity. The need to be the first club to represent Kenya in BAL will be a driving force for KPA management and its players. 

photo courtesy Hoops Mtaani

By Ariel Okall