Susan Asami is a Beast, A magician and an avid learner all the same. She’s best known for her unstoppable left drives, classical dimes and strong finishes at the rim. While assessing the finest rising stars, her name sure is top. But what has it taken to build Sue?
The young blood started playing basketball in 2019 at Olympic primary. Under the stewardship of Coach Dennis Oreko, she was able to grow over the years to what we see gracing the courts now.

Olympic high doesn’t have much of a basketball history. How did you settle on basketball?

Convenience of training venue was a factor. Training facility was close to home. My best friend and I would easily stroll home after practice. I didn’t ever think I would love and grow in the game like this.

The current breed of good players have a history of having been moulded in academies. Are you also a product of an academy or multiple camps?

I am a proud alumnus of Little prince Basketball academy. It’s a commitment that runs deep like a family, a sense of belonging for me.

They say on the shoulders of the great we stand. Do you have a particular talent that you look up to and why?

Yes I look up to Madina Okot. I just love how she plays she just everywhere, doing both the soft work and the dirty work for her team. I love her.

What are some of the things that keep you going. What motivates your grind?

It’s Very simple, I love basketball shoes, I was motivated to play because I just wanted to get a beautiful pair, the the brand did not matter. Our entire team was given playing shoes, and from there my love for the game grew.

Ofcourse there is the attributes that people spray on you but from your standing point, what would you say is your biggest strength?

Energy has to be it, I am energetic to a fault. The kind that gets me in good trouble like a quick fouls. Additionally, I don’t crack easily in games, I fight till the last minute. I am ‘a whatever it takes’ type of player.

Have you met challenges in the course of playing, and how did you overcome them?

The single and most personal one I have come across has to be profiling, when we go to play and people hear that we’re from the ghetto they just don’t want to associate with us. They call us names like thieves or paupers all that. On the flip side, I learnt to accept the fact that I can’t change my background and that even motivates me more.

We have dreams. Where do you dream of seeing Susan in say 5 years.

I do see myself in the United States probably just playing pro basketball or a league overseas.

what has been your biggest feat? 

my biggest achievement was that I was able to play at the East Africa Highschool championship games that were in Arusha Tanzania. It was amazing. 

By Ariel Okall