Zetech University Sparks 2022/23 season was one of their best, Sparks dominated the regular season and went ahead to cruise through to the playoffs finals after sweeping Equity Hawks 3-0 in the semifinals. Zetech acquired Madina Okot in midseason, a move that instantly transformed their roster to a championship caliber team.
As we head into a new 2023/24 season, the Sparks will look to continue their winning ways and dominance.

Kiyobe Chantal (L) squares up against Ifunanya Okoro Of KPA in The KNBL playoffs finals. Photo Courtesy Hoops Mtaani.

A young team with a lot of heart with players who don’t back down, Zetech have changed the scape of the game in Kenya. This was seen as they faced their opponents in every game they played, more so their semifinals dominance over Equity bank hawks. Their impressive performance can be attributed to the team’s excellent coaching staff, who have recruited some of the best young talents in Kenya. Some These talented players are, Superstar Madina Okot, Rwandese forward Kiyobe Chantal, Ashley Minayo and guard Mary Lisa. Zetech University administration through athletic scholarships has managed to attract some young and talented players who have great potential to grow. The players love for basketball and commitment to training and teamwork is also something that cannot go unnoticed.

Christine Akinyi (L) Posting up against Cynthia Mawero of Equity Bank Hawks in The KNBL Playoffs Semifinals. Photo Courtesy Hoops Mtaani.

The team’s technical bench led by Maurice Obie, has been instrumental in the team’s success. Obie a former player has built a winning culture within the Sparks organization, ensuring that the players are always well-prepared for games, and are also well taken care off.

As long as Zetech continues to recruit their young talents, they will remain outstanding. Their pool of players, they will gradually grow and gain experience as they go. Zetech Sparks are two pieces away from winning a championship. If that happens the team will have leveled the playing ground. At the moment their rivals remain to be Equity and KPA, two great teams that always stand in everyone way when it comes to winning a championship in Kenya.

Val Kemunto, Forward Zetech Sparks. Photo Courtesy Hoops Mtaani.

As we prepare to start the new season, Zetech Sparks story will continue to be written and as expected another finals appearance won’t be a surprise. The ball is now Its now on the coaching staff hands and their task is to add some few talented players, some vets and the Sparks will be poised to continue their winning ways and maybe dethrone KPA as the Kenya Basketball Champions

By Ariel Okall